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1. Terms of sale (if approved for credit) are net 30 days/Visa. Accounts 30 days or more overdue will be automatically placed on hold.
2. All claims against invoices must be received within 2 days of receipt of goods
3. All shipped goods remain the property of Alternative Beauty until fully paid
4. Accounts not paid by the due date are subject to an interest charge at the rate of 2% per month
5. NSF Cheques will be subject to a $25 charge and orders will be held until NSF cheque is made good. After a 2nd NSF cheque within a 6 month period, orders will be COD certified or credit card at time of shipment.
6. It is agreed that the principal owner/shareholder is responsible for any and all orders shipped to his/her salon.
7. The information given in this Application is warranted to be true and complete.
8. If credit is being requested, the applicant consents to the obtaining of credit and/or personal information as may be required in connection with the credit line here by applied for or for any renewal or continuing extension of credit.

Initial Orders and Credit Limits: 1. The first two (2) orders will be shipped COD or credit card at time of purchase unless alternative credit arrangements have been made. If credit terms are required, a full and complete credit application must be submitted with this new account application. Allow two weeks for credit approval. 2. No credit application is necessary for credit card to be charged at time of purchase. 3. Complete credit application is required for Net 30 day terms, credit card to be charged at month end or COD

You are hereby authorized and directed to accept telephone or other verbal or written orders for the above noted business and to debit charges to the above noted credit card account for all purchases of products from your company at time of purchase or month end as stated above. You are not bound to inquire into the authority of the person telephoning or otherwise sending such orders on our behalf and may ship goods and charge for the same in accordance with your ordinary practices in effect from time to time. This authority shall remain in full force and effect until revoked by us in writing and delivered to you. Such revocation shall not apply to orders placed and charges for the same prior to the date of delivery thereof. The undersigned warrants and represents that he / she is authorized to sign for charges to the credit card above specified and by executing this agreement consents to the charges being incurred on same and further consents to the execution by any representative of your corporation of any charge slip or other document required by your credit card company to evidence or process the charges so incurred.